My Food Projects

This is the page where I will post my Project ideas.

Hopefully this page will also act as a bit of a forum, because some of these ideas would definitely benefit by a little idea sharing! By the time I complete these ideas, there may be several different posts – and hopefully quite a lot of back-and-forth comment with you readers! Here is what I have on my roster so far:

SlowCookerSmokedPork-Sliced2Slow-Cooker Smoked Meat

This is a HUGE effort – and endlessly entertaining! As you will see in some of my posts, I actually stumbled on this idea completely by happenstance. I made a huge mistake, left something cooking in the crock-pot for hours without any extra liquids. I came home with every expectation that it would be ruined, and found to my delight that somehow I had set myself up for success! This launched the idea of Slow-Cooker Smoked Meat, and I have been pursuing it relentlessly!

MacAndCheeseTake1_CookedPaleo No-Cheat “Mac And Cheese”

This is a helluva challenge! What I am trying to do is to replicate the flavor, texture, and look of a “gourmet” Mac And Cheese dish, but using all whole-food Paleo ingredients. As you can imagine, this is an incredible challenge! Macaroni, as little work as we do to cook it, is a hugely processed product, and replicating the flavor, shape, and texture has proven to be an impressive challenge! Similarly, while cheese is somewhat less processed than macaroni, it is still very difficult to replicate the flavor, texture, and other properties of cheese in a whole-food dish! I’ve made one good attempt so far, and will not be giving up! While my first, and only attempt was a tasty dish in it’s own right, it was not a Mac And Cheese.

If there are any other projects that you’re interested in seeing, let me know! I am happy to add them to the list and see where they take me!

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