The Bacon Project



This is a fairly simple subject. Yet, at the same time, complex. Bacon. I would be happy eating bacon with every meal. In fact, if it weren’t for my love of the other available meats out there, I would!

So this page is dedicated to bacon. Here I will share my critiques of the bacon I can find (at least, those worth trying) in the grocery stores. I will post the occasional recipe, centered around bacon as an ingredient. And I will share thoughts, ideas, and bacon type projects that I am involved in. Because bacon is worth the effort.

But first, what do the experts have to say on the matter?

This is quite possibly the most comprehensive article I’ve ever seen discussing the different pork production “Marketing Words” that are currently being used in the industry, and what they actually mean. I was floored by some of what I read in here. Sadly, other things were entirely unsurprising. And for added benefit, the author takes the time to recommend places (and not just his own farm) that readers should go look for their pork products.
I highly recommend this article! What you should know about Pork Production claims.

VermontSmokeAndCureSlabBacon-SlicedBacon Recipes:

And for all other things bacon, keep an eye on this page. I will keep you updated and informed!

The Bacon Project – Bacon Critiques:

NimanRanchMapleBacon3Bacon Criteria:

These are mostly self-explanatory. After the list, though, there is a little additional note on artificial nitrates and nitrites which is worth reading.

  1. No nitrates or nitrites added (except those occurring in sea salt and celery)
  2. Minimal processing, no artificial ingredients
  3. Raise without antibiotics
  4. Sustainable farm raised

Artificial Nitrates and Nitrites:

Obviously, Nitrates and Nitrites are perfectly fine, harmless, natural occurring compounds in many of our foods. In fact, celery is one of my favorite foods, and it’s loaded with them. However, recent information regarding artificial nitrates and nitrites indicates that they are overloaded in the extreme with a disturbing amount of bad things in them: arsenic and heavy metals. So I’ll stick with the natural nitrates and nitrites, thank you.

Interestingly, the extra little condition on my number one rule is often an added “fine text” on the packages. As I stated above: natural nitrates and nitrites are fine; they don’t come with the additional poisons which give these compounds such a bad name.

23 thoughts on “The Bacon Project

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    • I started this with the idea that it would be fun to evaluate the higher-end commercial bacon, so that other high-end shoppers would have an opinion to review. Well, mostly to eat it…
      But now that I am doing this, I am having ideas for other things I can do too. I’m definitely having fun with it! I’m not sure where I will take this ultimately, but I am definitely looking forward to the journey!

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