I’ve Moved! Find me at urbanpaleochef.com!

Hey all!

There’s no cause for worry, I have NOT abandoned you! I’ve bumped up against the limits of what WordPress.com is equipped to support for me, and it’s come time for me to carry forward my Urban Paleo Chef experience with a few more capabilities!

And this is all thanks to you, my followers and supporters!!

My new site will still be available at the urbanpaleochef.com URL, so if that’s how you’ve been finding me, it’s still there and easily located! And for any of you who have been connecting to me via my urbanpaleochef.wordpress.com URL, just take the .wordpress portion of the URL out – and find me at urbanpaleochef.com!

I look forward to many more months and years of blogging! You’ve been a great audience, more involved than I ever dreamed you would be! Hopefully we’ll continue to be great together going forward!!

Urban Paleo Chef