UPC’s Vanilla Coconut Oil Face and Skin Cream


In a very brief departure from food recipes, today I am presenting to you the UPC’s Vanilla Coconut Oil Face and Skin Cream which I made for my wife last week.

I got a lot of great comments from yesterday’s questions about the weekend. It seems like I hit a chord there that people like to be chatty about! It’s strange, because I find myself constantly capable of talking about food. Believe it or not, I write my blog posts, have several conversations about food, post recipes to several websites, social media groups, and monitor and respond to comments and questions about them, and still have more food talk left in me at the end of most days. I know it sounds like an exhaustive list of activities to be constantly involved in, and perhaps it would have been daunting to me to list them all out at the beginning and attempt to start them all at once. But I’ve built these in to my life to fill the need to share that deep passion about food that I have – and I have you readers, and others on the other sites, who keep me engaged all day, every day. The truth is that I truly love food, talking about it, making it, and everything to do with it. So it’s easy for me to have a constant exposure to my food topics all day long.
So yesterday’s questions were about the weekend. I got a lot of people telling me that their ideal weekends were nature oriented. I got comments about the beach, the woods, time outdoors. I share many of the same passions, and my idea weekend looks a lot like the comments that I got. I’m idly wondering if you readers are here because we’re similar, or because we’re different. I do read, and keep up with, some of the food bloggers out there with entirely opposite food preferences from mine. I have some bakers that I read, I have one pizza chef who I follow, and a few vegan writers… there is a huge community of interesting food bloggers, and I read as much and as often as I discuss food.

UPC’s Vanilla Coconut Oil Face and Skin Cream


  • A small glass container
  • Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 Vanilla Bean, finely diced

Prep and sitting time: A little more than 2 days

1. Bring the coconut oil up to about 80 degrees (melt temperature is about 76) to fully liquify it.
Note: If it’s summer time, you can do this simply by leaving it outside in the heat. Make certain that your container is closed if it’s sitting outside.

2. Add the finely diced vanilla bean to the coconut oil, and mix thoroughly. I did this by putting the lid on and shaking.

3. Let this sit outside or in a warm place for at least a day. Shake vigorously a few times throughout the day.
Note: Again, this could just be left outside in the heat; covered, of course.

4. Cool in the refrigerator for a day.

5. Let it warm up to liquid and shake vigorously. Put it immediately in the freezer.

6. After an hour, the face cream is ready for use!
You can store your face-cream in a cool place if you prefer it to stay solid; or you can store it at room temperature if the consistency is not important to you.


  • What skin products do you use?
  • Have you read the labels recently, and are you aware of the ingredients?
  • Are there things in the products that you would rather not be putting on your skin or in your body?

9 thoughts on “UPC’s Vanilla Coconut Oil Face and Skin Cream

  1. love this post; very cool!

    I love the scent of both coconut and vanilla! I’ve got this conventional, albeit quality, vanilla bean facewash that I don’t use much but want to purely because I love the smeall.

    This would be the perfect replacement/complement to it!

    Rock on UPC 🙂

    • Thanks!
      I hate to admit it, but I did this purely out of dissatisfaction with prices. My wife bought a branded version and loved it, which was all fine and dandy until I saw the price. I immediately informed her that there was no way we would be buying that again! Of course, that meant that I had to make it. But it was a … wait for it … small price to pay!!!

      • go you! I’m a natural hippie cheapie too — I use vinegar/baking soda to cleanse and exfoliate. it’s sometimes amazing to me how we THINK we need so many things….

        I blame Mad Men and marketing 😉

      • Thanks! Fortunately, my wife is quite satisfied with the end result (like: she thinks it could actually be better than the store version! Score!!). That’s obviously not always the end result…
        I do Jewelry for her too; but in my busy life, that tends to be a 2-3 times per year sort of thing. It’s more an occasional art hobby for me than a regular past-time.

        I love using vinegar for cleaning! There’s no “chemical” smell afterwards, and I honestly think it works better than the manufactured versions!

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