What’s For Dinner? Braised Ham Steak, Caramelized Mushrooms, and Fruit Salad


UPC’s Braised Ham Steak

We’ve had a bit of a heat wave these past few weeks. It has been really hot – over 90 degrees. Despite the heat I have been hitting the track every chance I get. I’ve been really enjoying my speed work, and I’ve been prioritizing the workouts every chance that I get! Of course, working a full time job doesn’t help, but I find time to get my workouts in, cook 3 meals per day for the two of us, and still squeeze in some social time.
Strangely, though, I seem to be the only person out on the River Walk every morning lately. There aren’t any other people walking to work, cycling, running, or even walking their dogs. It’s almost like the overabundance of Air Conditioning has weakened people’s capacity to handle heat at all. A legitimate heat-wave has come in, and scared people inside not just during the hottest hours of the day, but also in the morning and evening when the heat is much more tolerable. And I’m out there running to the ferry in my suit! I wonder what would happen if the heat went up another 5 degrees? Would people stop going to work?

Braised Ham Steak; What you’ll need:

  • 1lb Ham Steak (I used a Niman Ranch smoked ham steak)
  • 2 cups Mixed Organic Mushrooms (I used a great bag of frozen mushrooms I picked up at Whole Foods!)
  • Spices: Sea Salt, Pepper, Turmeric, Garlic, etc. Almost any spice combination will be delicious with a braised meat! (mine is smoked, so I used fresh ground pepper only)
  • 6 medium Strawberries (Organic please?)
  • 6 medium Figs (Also Organic!)
  • 2 cups Spinach Leaves (Organic; and I used “baby” spinach)
  • 2 tablespoons Olive Oil

Serves: 2
Cook and Prep Time: 70 minutes

1. Put the ham steak in a covered pan on high heat.

2. Cook on high, covered, for about 10 minutes, then turn the heat down to medium-low and flip the ham-steak.

3. Add just enough water to the pan to reach about half-way up the steak. Make sure to cover the pan while cooking.

4. Keep refreshing the water as it boils off. You will want to check the steak every 10 minutes or so to refresh the water.

5. Add the mushrooms to the pan after 20 minutes of cooking.

6. Spice the ham steak with whichever spices you’re using after about 30 minutes of cooking. I used only fresh ground black pepper, since the ham was smoked and had plenty of flavor!

7. While waiting for the ham steak to cook, prepare the salad.

8. The steak will be ready after a minimum of 60 minutes of cook time. Serve and enjoy!


If you did this right, there should be a pleasant browning on the top of the steak, which is the hallmark of a braised meat. This caramelized meat is delicious!
This recipe will work just as well with beef or chicken. I used the ham steak because I had one, and I love a good smoked ham!
This can be cooked much longer, up to three times as long (3 hours of cooking) if you have the time and patience for it. But it takes constant maintenance, since you will need to refresh the water regularly.


  • Do you hide from the weather?
  • Which kinds of weather do you hide from? Rain? Heat? Snow?
  • Have you ever tried to do “contrarian” activities during extreme weather? For example: I love to run in rainstorms. Have you tried that?
  • What kinds of weather do you like the most for your high-output activities?

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