Workout and Diet

Day 13 of my 90-day challenge.

Today’s Workout

  • Morning Workout:
  • 1 Mile
  • Evening Workout: Sprints
  • 2 miles warm-up
  • 2 miles cool-down
  • 12 50-meter “Strides” to get my muscles set for the movements.
  • 6 400s (1:15 goal pace; +2, +5, +6, +9, +12, +14)
  • 400 cool-down jogging between the second and fourth; 800 total
  • 3 sets of 15: Push ups, cross-over mountain climbers, outside-arms mountain climbers
  • Total Mileage: 6.5 Miles
  • Weekly Total: 22.5 Miles

Today’s Diet:

  • Breakfast:
  • Scrambled “Left Over” Eggs
  • Used the left-over Ground Beef Picadillo from the other night’s post. Was delicious!!!
  • Morning Snack:
  • Nothing
  • Lunch: Salad
  • Nothing
  • Afternoon Snack:
  • Nothing
  • Dinner:
  • Ate out at Barebuger, and shared the following with my wife:
  • Wild Boar burger on marinaded portobello mushroom cap with thin-sliced hard-wood smoked brisket
  • Bison burger on marinated portobello mushroom cap with thin-sliced hard-wood smoked brisket
  • Poached Pear salad – Port-poached pear, sliced almonds, olive oil, pear-infused balsamic, on arugula
  • Large House Salad

Had an amazing workout, and it was REALLY exciting to put together a 77 on my first 400!! Now I need to find a way to keep the speed up on subsequent 400s – my speed deteriorated a bit. Though an 80 and then an 81 are both respectable, I really need to be able to hold a low-70 400 for a full set of 8 (with some rest), or more, to be able to expect to put together a sub-5 mile. It’s only the second week, so I don’t mind building, and I really excited by the 77 – it’s a strong showing!

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