What’s For Lunch? – Grass-Fed Burgers with Side Salad


Finding a great burger can be a challenge. Many restaurants (surprise, surprise!) use a packaged product for their burgers, which means that they don’t know what’s in them. If you say: “I’m allergic to wheat” the chef likely won’t realize that there are bread crumbs in the burger. So when you find a great burger, it’s something to celebrate! Even more exciting is when you find a great packaged burger that you can keep in your fridge for those mornings when you really don’t have the time to make a more sophisticated meal. And today’s meal is a burger and side salad for lunch.
The burger is a grass-fed burger, available in a 4-patty box from Trader Joes. The burgers are quite excellent, the price is great, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with a stand-by meal like this one. Because as much as I would like to always have the time for a multi-stage meal with hand-made cilantro sauce, hand-ground burgers, and hand-picked salad greens, the reality of my life is that I almost never have time for any of those things. So, I do the best that I can. And I share that with you!

I am sure that most of you know how to cook a burger, and make a simple side salad. So, since that’s not what you all need me to talk about, instead I will talk about my recent trip to Cartagena! Today I will discuss our travel tactics. You should feel free to laugh, and cry, with me as I discuss the ins and outs of how we often end up traveling.

My wife and I, for whatever reason, love to pack at the very last minute. We live busy lives, and scheduling time for things like packing every night for a week is simply not something we’ve ever really managed to do. So we suffer through a very long night of packing. We stay up late to do our list-checks and make sure that we have everything. Then we still have to get up, usually far earlier than we would like, and hoof it to the airport for our flight. And this is true for a long-weekend in LA or San Juan, PR, or for a serious vacation like we just did in Cartagena Colombia.

On the plus side, we usually pass out on the plane and sleep through the entire flight. Often we don’t even notice any of the normal irritants on a plane, like noise, kicking, etc. because we arrived in such a state of exhaustion. Then, we’re usually somewhat refreshed when we arrive and are often in a position to really enjoy ourselves on the first day!

In retrospect, though, it’s not a fun way to travel, but it’s worked out well for us. Being refreshed and in a good mood when we are finally settled in is a great way to start a vacation! I know that there are plenty of people who simply can’t sleep on a plane. That, of course, is not me. And while I wouldn’t quite recommend this mode of travel, if this is your style, don’t fight it. The benefits can be worth the hassle.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 lb Grass-Fed Beef Burgers (I got these from Trader Joe’s)
  • Mixed Greens
  • 1 large can Green Olives
  • 2 tablespoons Coconut Oil
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  • How do you plan and execute your packing? Are you a last-minute packer like me? Or are you carefully planned and executed over time like I think I want to be?
  • Do you sleep on the plane? Do you sleep in any transportation: bus, train, ferry?

6 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch? – Grass-Fed Burgers with Side Salad

    • Aww – thanks Gigi! These are worthy of the drool!
      This is a 4-pack of grass-fed patties from Trader Joe’s. And I couldn’t agree more – they’re absurdly delicious! I am so psyched that they started to carry these!! These burgers new to our area Trader Joe’s as of 2 weeks ago – though I understand the California Trader Joe’s tend to have the good stuff before they bring it in over here on the East Coast…

      When I make my own, however, I always try to get my ground beef locally. And I add all sorts of good stuff too – like liver, and condensed bone broth (home made of course!), and finely diced onions, garlic and ginger. Yum!

    • I really enjoy these olives! And yes, the olives and the little side salad are an excellent contrast for the burgers. I do side-salads almost always for my burgers, even when they’re hand-made burgers.

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