Avocado Dressing, And Another “What’s For Breakfast?” Salad


Two interesting topics this morning: First, I’ve recently been told that it’s not healthy to eat eggs every day for breakfast. While I completely disagree with the statement, and think that that person should do a lot more research before challenging me on my dietary preferences… I also would like to point out that neither myself, nor most of the Paleo people I know eat eggs every day for breakfast.

Second, Avocados. Usually, I buy about 10 of them at a time, and not the half-ruined, overly bruised 4-packs sold at the grocery store. I buy the loose, organic avocados from Trader Joes or Whole Foods (usually Trader Joes though, since they cost about half as much there). I try to buy them at varying stages in their ripening process, some which will be ripe in a day, some which will take 3-4 days. Occasionally I end up with 3-4 avocados which have all ripened at the same time. When that happens I get to make some Avocado dressing!

Avocado Dressing –  What you’ll need:

  • 3 large ripe Avocados (these can be softening and a bit over-ripe)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Your favorite vinegar (I used the Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar I’ve been enjoying recently!)
  • Seasoning: Italian Seasoning, Cumin

This is a very simple recipe, and only slightly different from the traditional guacamole recipes out there. As with Guac, first cut up the avocados and put them in a bowl to be mashed. I like both my Guac and this dressing to be chunky, so I mash/mix the avocado with a spoon, not a potato masher or a food processor (yes, really with a spoon!). Once the avocado is mostly cut up in to small pieces, add about 2 ounces each of the extra virgin olive oil and the vinegar, and about 1 tablespoon each of the Italian Seasoning and cumin. Now mix it all up thoroughly. Since this is going to be a dressing and not a dip, the consistency should be very runny – so if it’s thick, add more olive oil and vinegar.

And The Salad:

  • Mixed Greens
  • Cucumber
  • Basil
  • Carrot
  • 6 oz Black Forrest Ham


I like my morning foods to be simple. I like to be able to taste the individual ingredients. Often I like complex evening foods, like a stewed beef short rib (one of my all-time favorites!). But for my morning foods, my mouth, as well as my body, likes to be able to take the ingredients in a more simple fashion. In today’s salad, the most complex ingredient is the Avocado Dressing. So, chop it all up, mix it, and combine with the dressing. Then serve and enjoy!

For those of you who take some lunch with you, take a look at my lunch version of the above Breakfast Salad:


14 thoughts on “Avocado Dressing, And Another “What’s For Breakfast?” Salad

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  2. I have heard that more than 6 eggs/week can affect heart health down the road, but who knows. It seems like everything is going to hurt us one way or the other haha wow that is one savory breakfast!

    • I read a study recently that showed definitive proof that soy-fed eggs will adversely effect health (cholesterol levels); AND it showed that pastured soy-free eggs are one of the best sources of healthy dietary cholesterol, and support your health. I thought it was great. Except that finding soy-free eggs is a significant challenge!!! You can feed them organic soy, and call them “Organic”. You can feed them soy and let them have yard time and call them “free range”. And in both cases, you can label them “All Vegetarian Feed” – which is stupid, because birds aren’t supposed to be vegetarians (“The early bird get’s the… Erm… Soy bean?” I don’t think so!)… But I have yet to find a commercial source of specifically soy-free eggs yet! I buy the “Pastured Organic” eggs at Trader Joe’s, at $4.30 per dozen (steep, right?) and hope that they’re mostly soy-free. And when I can, I buy from a farmer’s market.
      In any case: I wouldn’t have the least concern with eating eggs every day, if I had time to cook them… Salads are much easier!

  3. I often eat sparsely or unhealthily in the mornings. Partly tiredness, partly waiting for my wonderful wife to make me food 🙂 I bet that you feel great shortly after eating this power breakfast

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