Don’t Just Stand There, Run!


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Don’t Just Stand There, Run!


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I must look really funny in the mornings. Well, funny in the context of what everyone else is doing. I go for my morning runs, come back to my apartment, make breakfast and lunch for myself and my wife, shower, get dressed, and leave for work.


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But rather than heading out to wait for the bus, most mornings I head back out to jog the 1-mile to the ferry. The path that I take to jog to the ferry is almost universally used for dog-walking.


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Once the weather warms up, and later in the days, there will be some pleasure walking as well. And there is the occasional runner or biker. And then there’s me.

I get dressed up for work too: I wear a suit every day. So any of the dog-walkers who watch me run by on my way (unlike Dagwood, I am not typically late) toward the ferry will be looking at, like Dagwood, a guy wearing a suit, running to work. If that’s an amusing picture to you, maybe you should try it too.


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See, I’ve always been the kind of guy who does things that other people look at and think “That guy’s crazy!” And you know what, maybe I am. But did anyone ever notice that Dagwood is really fit? Yeah, I know he’s a cartoon. But most of the people I know who run regularly are really fit!

Today’s post is to pass along some inspiration. Take heart in knowing that most mornings, there’s a funny looking guy in a suit and vibram fivefingers running his 1 mile to the ferry. So tomorrow, instead of wearing your work shoes to work, pack them in your bag, wear some sneakers, and run for part of your commute. You’ll enjoy it, I promise!

7 thoughts on “Don’t Just Stand There, Run!

  1. I don’t know what I would think if I saw someone running in a suit! Good for you though, I wish more people would take this approach and either walk, bike, or run to work. We’d be in a much healthier place.

    • Hi Ani! Welcome to UPC! Yeah, I get a lot of strange looks as I go flying by, my tie streaming over my shoulder. But then, I get motivated by those looks too – it’s a great way to keep me going! I’m in the 30-miles per week range now, and any extra little bit is just that much more fun for me!

      • Thanks! It feels great to be a regular runner! I’ve been bouncing around between 25 and 40 training miles per week for several years now. I’ve never had the motivation to consistently go above 40, but I feel like a slacker if I fall below about 25. So that’s my range.
        I don’t really count my running-to-work miles. Usually I’m just jogging along at a decent clip, but honestly I try to make sure that I don’t get sweaty in my suit! Like falling under 25 training miles, I feel like a slacker if I stand and wait for the bus! And, with traffic I’m usually faster than the bus!!

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  3. This is very inspiring, Lucas! My husband bikes to work and showers and puts on a suit there. He gets fairly grubby on the ride, so a shower and change is not optional! 🙂

    • Thank you Sherri!
      I have a gym not far from my work, and do bike occasionally – it’s very invigorating! But most days I prefer my running before breakfast, so I shower/change, then run to the ferry. Usually standing outside on the ferry is enough to ease up the sweating from a 1-mile run. Usually…

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