Paleo Gin Margarita!


Gin used to be one of my favorite spirits, before I went Paleo. The thing with Gin, though, is that there’s really no good reason why there can’t be any grain-free versions of Gin on the market. Unlike so many other spirits, Gin is not originally made from a grain alcohol. It is originally made from the fermented juice of Juniper Berries. So why is it such a challenge to find a non-grain Gin? Well, because grain alcohol is next-to-free compared with the cost of juniper berries…

Be that as it may: You can imagine my delight and surprise when I managed to stumble across a non-grain Gin in Astor Wines And Spirits in the east village of Manhattan. It’s a great little liquor store, and I often drop by for the various non-normal spirits that I have a craving for and don’t expect to find elsewhere. Like Xtabentun, which is an absolute favorite spirit of mine, made in the Yucatan. Astor is the only importer (or was, back when I was researching) within a reasonable distance of here, and so I go there to buy it. Well, I dropped in to find some more Xtabantun, which they were out of. And perhaps lucky for me, as I would have just left if I’d found what I went there for. But since it wasn’t there, I wandered a bit and discovered this lovely gin!

What did I do with the Gin?

Well, I chilled it, while mixing up a quick Margarita mix. I used 1 shot of fresh squeezed lime, 1 shot of coconut water, and a 1/2 shot of agave nectar. I mixed them carefully together, making sure that they were fully mixed. There was a bit less liquid than I wanted, so I added a bit more lime; probably another 1/2 shot. Then I added 1 shot of the grape-gin.


As you see from the picture, I served it in a wine glass. Margarita’s are often served in tall-thin glasses. I am not entirely certain why. And I have a few good glasses like that, which I often use for drinking rum, or rum-based mixed drinks. But for some unknown reason, I decided to serve it in a wine glass, on the rocks. It was excellent!! I highly recommend it!!! One note: Drink it relatively quickly. It’s not as good when the ice cubes melt!

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