Paleo Ginger Sweet Potato Puffs


Paleo Sweet Potato Puffs

Have you ever made a meal, which you were fully planning on photographing for your blog’s show-and-tell later, but smelled so good when you finally got it out of the oven that you forgot to get the photo of it on a plate? Well, fortunately for me, this was so delicious that I will most definitely be making it again! I’ll get the artistic “plated” shot on the next go-round, hopefully. For now, we’ll make due with the shots I took as I was pulling it out of the oven.

What you’ll need:GingerSweetPotatoMuffin-Oven

  • 3 Medium Sweet Potatoes
  • 4 Inches Ginger
  • 3 Tablespoons Coconut Butter
  • 4 Eggs
  • Cinnamon, Allspice, Nutmeg

Serves: 6
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Bake Time: 90 minutes
Bake Temperature: 350
Total Cook Time: 2 hours

Chop the Sweet Potato in to 1/2 inch chunks, put it in a pot, cover with water, and boil. The more finely you can stand chopping the sweet potato, the less you will have to mash it later. With the 1/2 inch chunks, I found that just stirring it was enough to mash the sweet potato fully, and I didn’t use a potato masher at all. Also, to make this recipe slightly sweeter, you can peel the sweet potato – leave the peel on for the extra nutrients. As this is starting to heat up, add the coconut butter to the pot. Once the butter has melted, stir it in.

GingerSweetPotatoMuffin-BoilingSweetPotatoDownWhile the sweet potato is cooking, dice the ginger finely, and add to the sweet potato. Most recipes will call for peeling the ginger. I have found that using ginger in this way will make the peel mostly irrelevant – since we’re going to add it to a boiling pot and cook it down with the sweet potato. So, dice the ginger as finely as you have patience for, and add it to the pot. 4 inches of ginger is a lot, so it may be easier to do 2 inches at a time, making the dicing easier.

Let the pot boil down, stirring regularly, until there is no liquid left. The sweet potato should, at this point, be mostly mashed all by itself. If you elected to use larger chunks, or a little less water, then grab a potato masher and finish mashing. The final mash should have very little liquid in it. Let it cool on the stove-top for at least 10 minutes, until the mash is below 90 degrees (the temperature of the pot should be comfortable to touch). Start pre-heating the oven once the mash has boiled down and is cooling.


Add the eggs. Either crack the eggs in to a mixing bowl to whisk separately, or add them directly to the sweet potato mash. In either case, stir the eggs in to the sweet potato mash thoroughly. Using a bit of coconut oil, grease the muffin cups. Pour the final mixture in to the muffin tin. Put the tin on a middle-rack in the oven. As usual, do not fill to the top of the tin. Even though these contain no yeast, the egg will still expand during the baking.


These are best served hot – piping hot! As with other baked confections – this will need to be “lifted” out of the tin. If you greased properly (there doesn’t need to be much oil) then they should fall out pretty easily. Just place your cutting board over the top of the muffin tin, flip everything over, and tap the bottom firmly to help the puffs fall out. These will be delicious on their own, or you could serve them with something vanilla, like a thick vanilla coconut cream poured over the top (I will have to try that next time!). And finally: Enjoy!!

12 thoughts on “Paleo Ginger Sweet Potato Puffs

  1. Wow, Lucas! These sound and look fantastic, and I’m thrilled to see a meatless paleo recipe from you. Can’t wait to try them!

    • You could. Or you could just get carried along with some of your favorite online chefs, doing what they post… I really don’t mind if you go and try out all my recipes!
      I don’t spend much effort planning my workouts – I let the people online whom I follow do all that. Then I just do what they’re doing!

      I figure: I stick to my specialty, and people will enjoy it. I get my advice from people in their specialty. And it’s all a good trade!

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