Even Chefs Take Vacations!

I’m in Cancun, Mexico, for a short but hopefully very sweet little vacation. My wife and I caught the good side of a great deal, and took off to paradise for the weekend, enjoying some sun, sand, and someone else’s cooking. Wait, what’s that? Someone else’s cooking? That’s right! I am taking the weekend off, completely. No cooking, no making coffee in the morning, heck, I don’t even expect to be handling a kitchen knife for any reason at all.

Don’t most people eat other people’s cooking when on vacation? Yes, they do. That’s actually pretty normal. The truth is that I don’t really get tired of cooking. I find it relaxing, almost meditative, some I actually don’t mind doing all, or most of my own cooking even on vacation. Besides, explaining to someone that I am allergic to grains and beans at every meal takes far more mental energy than whipping up a quick steak, or even a more elaborate meal.

So if you don’t mind cooking, and explaining you’re food choices is "work" why would you choose to eat out the whole weekend? Ahhh, the big question! Here’s the thing: I love to cook, and I love my own food. But I am only an expert at cooking what I already know. When I travel, I always make a point to learn as much as possible about local food traditions and styles as possible. And what better way to learn about food than to eat it?

So, I will be eating, as reasonably priced as possible, all of my meals at local restaurants. And I will share with you any and all new ideas these local restaurants provide! Keeping in mind that food is not just about new tastes and flavors, but new textures, new ways of combining ingredients that I already use, and perhaps the most important thing is how the food is displayed. We don’t just eat delicious slop, we work hard to make our food taste and look great!

In the mean time, tell me about your travel meals and how you have enjoyed, and learned from traveling!

8 thoughts on “Even Chefs Take Vacations!

    • Thank you – the trip was great! And I learned a lot about different ways to make food! This trip was more on the beaten path, but we’re already planning something less “cultivated”.

  1. I have lived away from my home country for most of the last decade, and I have traveled to a lot of places. In the beginning it is normal to look for familiar foods, but once you experiment a bit you get some pleasant surprises!

  2. So, you guys are back already?

    Glad to see that you got to enjoy some sun and hopefully good food. One of my favorite foods when we go to Argentina is cute little llamas. They are often done as filets, but I have eaten it pulled pork style as well. The taste is fabulous. If you ever get a chance to check it out some day, I would encourage it. I’m off to check out your guest post.

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