Passing Around A Little Love

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I just have to thank you for sharing the love yesterday. At the end of the day (and yes, I had to stay up to see it!) I had amassed a truly incredible 145 views, with 60 unique visitors! My previous largest day, more than a week before, was 60 views; which made yesterday my largest viewership by more than double my previous best! And I owe the lion’s share of the lifting on this day to a group of incredible blogosphere movers and shakers out there. I am not entirely certain what I’ve done to deserve all of the love that was sent in my direction yesterday, but I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing, because clearly some of it was just right!!

Wow, what an incredible day! Anyway, today’s post is a rare departure from the food-oriented posts that I focus on in order to share some of the love that was directed my way yesterday. So here goes..

My Most Frequent Participants:

To my most frequent visitor and active participator on this site: Noah Matthews. I want to thank you for your regular contributions, comments, liking my posts, sharing and linking my blog, and most importantly, for your own work on your blog which I’ve been able to enjoy as well! Thank you Noah.

To my second most frequent visitor, and relatively new blogger: Urban Paleo Chick. Thank you for your excellent posts about things to do in NYC, for linking to me and sharing some of your visitors with me, and for saying great things about me!

Other Blogs:

To the people who directly generated some traffic for me, here are the blogs which sent traffic my way yesterday. You guys are great, thank you for displaying me for others to see! And just as importantly, thank you for generating your own content which I’ve found interesting, insightful, and captivating!

Twitter Retweets/Mentions Yesterday:

And finally, Reblogs and Perm-Links:

This is something I never even imagined would happen, and it’s incredibly exciting. I was informed yesterday that Dr. Forrest Beck likes my content so much that he has set up a permanent link to my blog! Wow! Thank you Dr. Beck!!

So, share the love.

So, thank you all for generating views, hits, and visitors for me throughout the day yesterday and today! You have been amazing! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, for enjoying my content, and for sharing it!!

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