Did You Overdo It A Little Last Night?

Image courtesy of: http://www.rotfllol.com/

Image courtesy of: http://www.rotfllol.com/

Did you have just a little bit more last night than you were planning? Is your head hurting, your muscles sore, and your stomach queasy? Did you ignore Urban Paleo Chick’s New Years Eve Partying Paleo Style post, with helpful hints and tips on how to protect your body while still having a great time? Did you party so hard your memory is fuzzy? Well, if so, it’s could be alright (depending on what you’re not remembering…). You’re having a hangover. And like post-workout soreness and fatigue, a hangover is something that the body is quite capable of working it’s way through. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks on how to assist that process, to keep it moving along as quickly as possible. Because no one wants their hangover to last any longer than it must, right?

  1. Drink some water. You’re probably very dehydrated, so drink water as soon as possible. If you have coconut water, drink that instead, it will work better and faster. I would also suggest finding a banana and eating that as well. Now sit back for a while, and let that lubrication circulate your body a bit. Once your head is level enough to start thinking about cooking some food, you know that you’ve caught up with your dehydration, for now.
  2. You need to eat. This is meal should be a light and highly nutritious meal. Whether you tossed your cookies last night or not, your body has a lot of work to do to flush all of the “fun” out of your system. And work requires tools, raw materials, and energy. So we need to make sure that your body has the tools that it needs to move forward with your healing. If you’re at home, and can manage to survive a kitchen, I suggest putting together a version of my very own Bacon Avocado Salad to keep your body going strong while it puts you back together. The only change I would suggest would be to add a fruit to the salad: like raisins, grapes, or chopped apples. You’ll need the extra nutrients and some of the sugar in the fruit.
  3. Get some well needed rest. Don’t go trying to “Sweat it out” unless your version of a hangover is well skewed to the mild side of the issues. Some of you reading this post will have just overdone it a bit last night, and woke up with a fuzzy head, and cotton-mouth. Those of you in this category just need to re-hydrate, get some food in your systems, rest a bit, and move on with your lives. But those of you with missing chunks of time in your memory, wondering why you woke up on the floor of your living room, or other, more serious hangover symptoms, should likely take the day off. The idea that you can “sweat it out” is about as healthy as trying to sweat out muscle soreness from a key workout. As I stated in #2 above, your body has a lot of work to do trying to flush all of the “fun” you had last night out of your system. And if you go and try to “sweat it out,” you’re going to be stalling that process, at best.

Whether you seriously overdid it, or just had that one too many, the above suggestions are simple, easy to follow, and will give your body the tools it needs to work it’s way out of the depths of your hangover. Some of you will have a bit of a longer road to take than others. I, myself, didn’t have any trouble with a hangover, because you don’t get hung over when you’re drinking Paleo Hot Cocoa!!

Thanks to my wife for the amazing photo!

Thanks to my wife for the amazing photo!

If you didn’t get a chance to try my Paleo Hot Cocoa recipe from yesterday’s post, I suggest you try it!

Have any great hangover stories, or other party stories you want to share? I would love to hear them in the comments section!

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