Roast Lime Chicken and UrbanPaleoChef Coconut ‘Slaw


Did any of you try the “What’s For Dinner?” post last night? Well, I am delighted to tell you that following the recipe on that page exactly led me and my wife to serve the above delicious Lime Roast Chicken to a good friend who has just recently had a hip replacement. And it REALLY was delicious! And I love roast anything – roast beef, roast ham, roast chicken, roast salmon… Roasts are one of my favorite winter comfort foods! Dinner was wonderful. The smell of the chicken while driving over to my friend’s house was tantalizing, and the flavor, texture, and moist meat of the chicken was everything we had hoped for!

But the real star of the show last night, surprisingly, was not the roast chicken. The real star of the show was the UrbanPaleoChef Coconut ‘Slaw. I know you have all been stuck in a diner, hungry, having been served a bit too small a portion, and decided to give the little Diner Coleslaw a try out of the little wax-paper cup… Well, let me tell you, that is not how ‘slaw should be! Last night’s dinner had normal portions of ‘Slaw for a side, with normal portions of meat and the roast veggies. We had a desert planned for after the meal. Well, everyone ate their normal sized portions, and then everyone at the table went for seconds of the UrbanPaleoChef Coconut ‘Slaw! And none of us ended up having room for desert!


The UrbanPaleoChef Coconut ‘Slaw was so good that I will be forced to make another batch, document it properly, and put it up as a recipe for you. So, in the mean time, use the   “What’s For Dinner?” post to make the UrbanPaleoChef Coconut ‘Slaw, and I’ll be working on the recipe post!

2 thoughts on “Roast Lime Chicken and UrbanPaleoChef Coconut ‘Slaw

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