Breakfast Salad – Coconut Ham

Good morning!
Mornings are a busy time for me. I get up early because I have a lot to get done before heading to work. I like to get a workout in, so I need to be up s little extra early, to give the coffee some time to do it’s magic. My morning workouts are short – just enough to get a good sweat, get the blood pumping, and clear my head. Then I’m in the kitchen. Now, it’s still early; I have 2, and sometimes 3 meals to prepare for the day, and they each have to serve 2+ people! But fear not: the food is always treated with the care and thoughtfulness that will result in a delicious meal. And on that note…

Coconut Ham Salad.
As usual, I start with the greens: Spring mix, with a hand full of wild arugula, mint, clover sprouts, and green onions. The salad and arugula are chopped to about 2 inch squares, while the onion and sprouts are chopped down to 1/2 inch, and the mint is more finely chopped.

Next, the stars of the show: Coconut and Ham. I use dried Coconut chips, this batch was baked, and the flavor is amazing! The Ham is a rosemary spiced ham. The nice thing about rosemary is that the flavor is subtle so, like the green onion and mint, it can take it’s place as a supporting flavor. The Ham gets chopped to 1 inch cubes, or smaller when I have the time. Of course, time and value need to be carefully balanced – I want the texture and flavor to mesh, but I don’t have infinite time to fuss over the details. And to finish it all off: some olive oil. Mixing it, again by hand, and serving it in some plastic containers to bring it with me to work, and I’m off!

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